Born in Antwerp - Belgium, educated in marketing with a passion for sports and photography.  Married with the wife of my dreams. That's my BIO in a couple of words. 
I worked my way up from a local photographer covering local games to shooting big events and ad campaigns for (Inter)national companies and agencies.
In 2020 I won a bronze medal at the International Photo Awards as well as an Honorable mention. I was also nominated for the Belfius Press Awards and Nikon Press Photo Awards.
My career as a photographer started in  2015 at the Newspaper "Het Nieuwsblad". I quickly started working for several different clients such as several other newspapers, Photo agencies and magazines. I also started covering big sport events like Champions League football, World Tour Cycling races, etc...
Nowadays I still shoot press related sport events, but my primary job is shooting commercial, advertising/brand related work for companies and marketing agencies. My own Studio helps to get the images needed for every situation.   
I'd love to combine my passion for photography with the knowledge of my marketing education to create a visual advantage for my client to promote their brand and tell the story that matters. 
To get THE image - Imagetting
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